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Bird and Beckett Books is in cozy Glen Park near the BART not far from La Corneta which makes a very good burrito. There is also pizza and sushi nearby.  Really easy to get to if you are on BART. There is excellent live music 4 nights a week. See calendar for recent events.

Friday and Saturdays
Lakehouse Jazz

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Stowlake Boathouse
50 Stow Lake Drive East
In Golden Gate Park. A very cool place to listen to music.

You can take the bus
If you pay the fare,
The Mission 14 will get you there.
Go underground.
Or ride your bike.
Get your dancing shoes on
There’s a party tonight.
– Goin on Down – Paul Lyons

Not a Calendar Really,
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The LOCAL SF Scene
Last Update: March 12, 2024

Emilio and Parker getting ready to hit in 2021.

Live music can be heard all over town in taverns, bars and bookstores. It is always good to see who’s playing at Bird and Beckett Books in Glen Park, an easy ride on the BART.  There are many music venues up and down Valencia and Mission Streets. Bands are playing in bars again. Blondies, Amados,  Arcana SF, Ivory and Vine closed its doors in April (bummer), Radio Havana and a new Big Baobab at 2243 Mission Street, a much larger place then his old spot. Excellent Senegalese food. Lots of unusually local live music featuring local legends.


Sunday Salsa and Latin Jazz at Blondies – Wednesdays 8-11:30pm, Sundays 5-9 pm.
Dancing and great drinks. Rotating bands and always some local flavor.

Thursday Fabio holds down the spot at Arcana with his band Orange Sunshine. Always a great band with Adam Klipple often on the gig. Always funky. the wine at Arcana is hit or miss so choose wisely.

If you want to check out the scene in San Francisco, you could do worse than just hitting some spots in the Mission all within about a five block distance.

Thursday nights, I would also recommend Oli Dudek and his Jazz Odyssey – always great players, often local legends and always fresh tunes. Oli Dudek  plays Thursday nights at Local Edition in the Hearst Building 691 Market St, (cross street is 3rd) and parking can be found on side streets as this part of town is pretty empty at this time of night. Very cool place as it is like a speakeasy with a lot of history.

For another outstanding jazz a good spot in North Beach is Keys Bistro 498 Broadway. Excellent food at the venue and many excellent restaurants nearby.

Sunday nights at the Madrone Art Bar is the spot. Starting out at 8:30 pm is trumpeter Mike Almos leading a trio.  Get there early and listen to some outstanding straight ahead jazz before the place fills up and they open it up for a jam. Many times some heavy cats roll trough the door.

The Page Bar at 298 Divisadero @ Page St.
Lots of music and some of the best players in San Francisco. Not easy to figure out who is playing on a giving night but this place is cozy and has a lot of soul. Mondays from 5-7pm happy hour often has some pretty amazing musicians working the gig.

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