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By Paul Gustav Lyons

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One week in 1998 I wrote a series of essays about music that I had learned primarily from reading books and composing and arranging for Salsa bands. I had been working as a musician, music teacher, music copyist, composer and arranger for around ten year’s solid and needed material for my website. I wrote the essays in one three day period and I distinctly remember finishing them and then taking my then four-year-old son off to the park and sort of decompressing. I felt like I had just put down on paper what took literally ten years to learn.

Reading over these essays fifteen years later, I then became inspired to use them as another vehicle for another new medium, the eBook. While I do not guarantee that Arranging for Salsa Bands – The Doctor Big Ears Essays, is a thorough work on the subject, I do think that it illuminates many often overlooked aspects of Afro-Cuban music theory. It can be of a lot of help for someone starting off writing for Salsa bands and small horn bands in in general.

You can now read the entire Arranging for Salsa Bands – The Doctor Big Ears Essays
. originally written in 1998 as an eBook.

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Arranging for Salsa Bands – The Doctor Big Ears Essays



  • Introduction
  • Dr Big Ears Philosophy of Learning

The Art of Cuing a Salsa Band – The Spontaneous Arranger

  • Emblematic Symbols
  • Other Thoughts on “Cuology”

Clave and its Relationship to Functional Harmony

  • Further concepts on the Relationship Between Harmony and Clave
  • When Hearsay About Clave Goes Astray

Melody and the Unison Line

  • Uses of Unison in Salsa Arrangements
  • Octave Doubling

Polymeters in Salsa Arranging

  • Clave and Polymeters
  • Thoughts on Clave
  • Polymeters and Improvisation

Open Position Horn Voicings for Cadences and Breaks

  • Introduction

Transposition Charts for Brass and Saxophone


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