California Fires – News from Anderson Valley Advertiser

It has been hard to get accurate news on the fires. Today, on Saturday the air was better here in San Francisco. Searching around the Internets to see where the fires were burning I ran into these cool quotes on the Anderson Valley Advertiser. Glad the old school internet is working up there. What an interesting view into this little community. These are from the FAQ section.

Anderson Valley Advertiser

Q: Why didn’t the alarm at the Redwood Valley-Calpella firehouse sound Monday morning to alert people of the fire?

The fire department told the Daily Journal that the alarm — which sounds every day at noon — is manual, and no one was around to press the button due to all firefighters being sent out to evacuate people. While it was pointed out that the alarm might have helped alert people to the fire, law enforcement has been making a lot of noise and using bullhorns to wake people up during evacuations.

Roadblock officers will allow pot growers who have official approved cultivation permits and whose names are on their list into burned areas to attend to their crops. People with no permit or only permit applications will not.

Sheriff Allman noted that the aftermath of the fire will result in many unclaimed animals and he hopes people will come forward to adopt them.

A temporary cell tower is being installed in Potter Valley but no specific estimate about when it will be up and running. Presumably soon.

Sheriff Allman noted that organic grape growers Frey Vineyards “took a hard hit.” But Parducci Winery has said they’d handle their grapes for them to the extent possible.

Keep an eye on the Sheriff’s facebook page for current info and updates