Parking Tickets in San Francisco

As a pubic service, below is the most recent list of Citations and fines for San Francisco, California. From

Parking Violations and Fines – SF Transportation Code Penalty Schedule Effective 7/1/2021
Div I 7.2.10 Pedestrian Crossings $77
Div I 7.2.11 Electric Assistive Personal Mobility Devices $100
Div I 7.2.12 Bicycle Riding Restricted $100
Div I 7.2.13 NUV Violation $100
On-Street Parking
Div I 7.2.20 Residential Parking $97
Div I 7.2.22 Street Cleaning $85

The Tyranny of Parking Tickets

There is perhaps nothing that can ruin your day in San Francisco more than returning to your car and finding a parking ticket under your windshield wiper.
Every San Franciscan with a car has experienced the wrath of the metermaid – seemingly peaceful and calm people in their blue uniforms driving around in their golf carts issuing pain and misery around town. The reason they wear helmets is surely for self protection. It is a hard job indeed and the fines make it so if there is one thing that San Franciscans take seriously it is avoiding parking tickets. Once you get a rash of these you begin to wonder if you should simply stay in bed all day just so you do not lose money.

The one that is often the most peculiar is the $85 you must cough up for the Div I 7.2.22 Street Cleaning infraction. While you look out your window with your car ticketed and observe the street cleaning truck go by mostly just blowing trash every which way it makes you take a deep breath and hopefully chuckle. I have street cleaning schedule on my calendar with alerts thirty minutes prior to the event.

When you get one of these you soon start think of all the various ways you could have spent the $85. Perhaps a dinner for two at a fine restaurant. Three large pizzas at North Beach Pizza. Six Super Carnitas Burritos at Guadalajara, Tickets for two at SF Jazz, the list is endless.

Whoever said San Francisco is soft on crime never parked their car and forgot to plug the meter!

On-Street Parking (continued)
Div I 7.2.23(a) Parking Meter- Downtown Core $96
Div I 7.2.23(b) Parking Meter-Outside Downtown Core $87
Div I 7.2.25 Red Zone $110
Div I 7.2.26 Yellow Zone $110
Div I 7.2.27 White Zone $110
Div I 7.2.28 Green Zone $90
Div I 7.2.29 Parking for Three Days $75
Div I 7.2.30(a) Overtime Parking Downtown Core $96
Div I 7.2.30(b) Overtime Parking Outside Downtown Core $87
Div I 7.2.30(c) Overtime Meter Parking Downtown Core $96
Div I 7.2.30(d) Overtime Meter Parking Outside Downtown Core $87
Div I 7.2.32 Angled Parking $72
Div I 7.2.33 Blocking Residential Door $60
Div I 7.2.34 Median Dividers and Islands $97
Div I 7.2.35 Parking on Grades $60
Div I 7.2.36 100 Feet Oversize $110
Div I 7.2.37 Motorcycle Parking $110
Div I 7.2.38 Parking in Stand $110
Div I 7.2.39 Parking Transit-Only $110
Div I 7.2.40 Tow-Away Zone- Downtown Core $110
Div I 7.2.41 Tow-Away Zone- Outside Downtown Core $110
Div I 7.2.42 Parking Restrictions $110
Div I 7.2.43 Parking-Public Property $79
Div I 7.2.44 Misuse Disabled Parking Placard/License $866
Div I 7.2.45 Temporary Parking Restriction $85
Div I 7.2.46 Temporary Construction Zone $85
Div I 7.2.47 Remove Chalk $110
Div I 7.2.48 Repairing Vehicle $104
Div I 7.2.49 Permit on Wrong Car $110
Div I 7.2.50 Invalid Permit $110
Div I 7.2.51 Parking Marked Space $67
Div I 7.2.52 On-Street Car Share Parking $110
Div I 7.2.54 Large Vehicle $110
Off-Street Parking
Div I 7.2.60 Parking Facility $72
Div I 7.2.61 Entrance/Exit Parking Facility $100
Div I 7.2.62 Blocking Space Parking Facility $77
Div I 7.2.63 Speeding within Parking Facility $100
Div I 7.2.64 Block Charging Bay $110
Div I 7.2.65 Overtime Parking_Off Street Parking Meter $79
Div I 7.2.66 Misuse Disabled Parking Placard/License Plate $866
Div II 1009 SFMTA Property $110