Swimming in Aquatic Park Cove


You have probably heard it a hundred times. “Way to cold to swim there in the Bay.” “How can you go in that water?” “It must be filthy!” “You’re a complete nut!!!!”

Actually, now is a great time to go to Aquatic Park and take a dip. Just think. You may be dead next year. We all may be dead next year.  You only go around once as they say.

Cheap Thrills Strategy – The Plan

Wear a mask. Check out the cams online and the best bet is to go when it is sunny. North Beach in San Francisco tends to be sunnier than many other neighborhoods during the summer. Fog does push in at times, but Aquatic Park tends to be protected. There are lovely seats in the bleachers by the cove. Lot’s of space. Bring a picnic. Take in the views. Watch people as they stroll by. Alcatraz. Massive container ships from thousands of miles away coming in and out.  Historic ships like the Balclutha docked close by.  If you do not want to go for a swim you could make a gentleman’s bet with a friend and the person who loses has to swim out to one of the buoys. Pretty soon you will realize that the water is not too cold and the views incredible.  Feel free to float on the salt water. In summer it can get up to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

But I know you. “There is no way I am going in that water!.” You never know until you try.

Admission: Free!
Parking: Not going to tell