Butterfly Jazz Trio – CD Second Year Anniversary

On August 29th 2013, I assembled a band in a studio in Half Moon Bay, on the Pacific Ocean and made a CD. This Saturday that band (the Butterfly Jazz Trio) is playing again at their steady gig at The Burritt Room by the Stockton Tunnel in San Francisco. Saturday, August 29th 2015 makes it two years.. Come on down and grab a CD (only a few left) and check it out!

The cast
Kai Lyons – Guitar
Erik Von Buchau – Drums
Dillan Riter – Bass

The spot
Burritt Room in the Mystic Hotel by Charlie Palmer
417 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone:(415) 400-0561

Some samples

My son, Kai Lyons plays guitar and in 2013 I spent many Saturday nights hanging out down in this mysterious place called the Burritt Room in the Mystic Hotel down by the Stockton Tunnel a few blocks from Union Square. There is cheap parking in the garage across the street and it is a nice walk from the Powell Bart. There are so many options but I highly recommend the New Delhi Restaurant on Ellis. The Burritt Room is a restaurant-bar with fancy cocktails and special cuts of meat and fine dining. A crazy place, I would run into Willie Brown or see Tony Hall walk in the door. Often it would be a few German tourists with that sort of wide-eyed, I am a visitor here having walked up mountains on the wrong side of the planet look. Anyway, listening to the band, I got this notion that I should get these guys in the studio. They sounded great! The one day session down the coast was pretty cool.

A little background
Kai met Erik when he was a toddler. When we lived in Bernal Heights Erik lived about a block away and Kai went to daycare with Erik’s son Cole at Joni and Red’s house across the street. The joke is that it is quite possible that Erik changed Kai’s diapers at point. Dillan and Kai met while busking in the BART and at the Ferry Building. Dillan had played bass for just a few years, but his work ethic, listening ability and drive have always been constant. The band has gone through many changes depending on work schedules and which way the wind is blowing. The addition of Parker Grant, graduate of the University of Miami and East Bay native on piano has been awesome. Often Brandon Etsler plays drums but this Saturday the lineup will include Erik Von Buchau on drums so it is a two year anniversary event!

Come on down!
The CD was a limited run and there are just a few left but they will be available at the Burritt Room this Saturday night. I feel blessed just to hangout and hear these guys play.

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