Who is the Real Bill Evans?

If your last name is Evans, I would never name your son Bill. The Bill Evans’ of the world are all just way too talented and original. Your son would have such large shoes to fill, he would never get out bed. Some day he would end up an insurance adjuster in some far off town like Des Moines. Of course, if you live in a city, and are over say 45, Bill Evans is the great jazz piano player who worked with Miles Davis and all the heavies in the 60s – yeah, that guy. But wait, I am mistaken, you probably meant Yusef Lateef, the fine sax and flute player would did many sessions and was born, strangely enough with the name Bill Evans, but changed his name to Yousef Lateef later in life. Probably a good move. But then again, perhaps when someone says Bill Evans you start thinking of the saxophonist by that name. Famous for a few years but I don’t hear much of that Bill Evans. But wait, I know the guy you are talking about! Bill Evans the banjo player form California and plays shows festivals and clinics. Yeah, that guy. He’s the bomb!